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Wired Editor has a "problem" with Peter Parker being played by a white actor.

No Comments's  Senior Associate Editor, Angela Watercutter reported today (June 23rd, 2015) Marvel's pick for the new Peter Parker, and guess what!? It's a pale-face white kid with brown hair!

Now, I know what you're thinking: "no shit he's a pale-faced white kid with brown hair! It's almost as if they stayed true to the source-material or something!" But apparently, there are some people out there who find this revelation a little disappointing.

Apparently, screech from Saved-By-The-Bell over here (right) is a bit underwhelmed by the fact that Spider-Man is white person, Tom Holland. She would have preferred that the first EVER incarnation of Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe were this Black-Latino kid named Miles Morales that no one outside of the hardcore comic fandom has ever heard of, who took over as the web-slinger after Peter Parker fucking DIED in the Ultimate comics universe.

In her article, she asserts that "When Marvel and Sony announced Spider-Man’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe earlier this year, fans got excited that we could see a fresh take on the character, rather than just another fresh-faced white dude." (And by "fans", I'm sure she means those social Justice Warriors who are always known for their empowering message of equality and inclusion, unless, of course, you're a heterosexual white male. In which case, you can go fuck yourself.)

She then follows up this statement by saying: "No offense to fresh-faced white dudes." -as if that's supposed to negate the garbage we just read. Kinda the same way an intolerant southern redneck prefaces an argument with "I'm not a racist, but..." just before they continue with the inevitably fucked up conversation.

Angela still holds to the idea that "There was still a shot that Peter Parker could be re-imagined." Perhaps Angela and her "fans" would have preferred that Peter Parker be a trans-special Lesbian Tumblr feminist who moonlights as a bi-curious werewolf unicorn from outer space.
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