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At some point during the Diamond Retail summit, Marvel announced that the RessurXion event will immediately follow the Death of X and Inhumans vs. X-MEN events, and would take place after the war between the inhumans and mutants.

Let me just start by saying RessurXion sounds like the screen name of a thirteen year-old boy on DeviantArt. I would love to know how that namedrop went down at the committee, between members of the board passing around bongs the size of elephant cocks and shooting up heroine on the boardroom table. I mean, no wonder Marvel's stories are such garbage these days. Whoever came up with a name like RessurXion must've been higher than Christ on the third day. Jesus Christ.

Second, I'd like to point out how much of a cop-out this is. Marvel has been getting a lot of flack lately for allegedly killing off the X-MEN franchise for the sole purpose of spiting Fox for not letting the MCU buy the film rights to their franchise back, so it's not hard to see that this is Marvels way of saying "oh, we're not getting rid of the X-MEN, we're just changing it a little."

Kinda like how they backtracked on Steve Rogers (captain America) being a secret Hydra Agent for 90 years, even after punching both red skull and Hitler in the face. Now, after months of insisting it isn't mind control, we learn in Steve's own book that the red skull implanted a piece of Xavier's brain into his head in order to make himself the most powerful telepath on earth, and implanted a false history into Steve's mind making him think he was a Hydra agent since the 1920s.

Also like how Marvel backtracked on Riri Williams; a teenage girl; being Iron Man from now on, despite how stupid the name would be for a sixteen year-old girl. Now her name, and book series will be called Iron Heart, which is the kind of name you would give to a stone-blooded serial killer. 

Classic case of Marvel running damage control. Let's hope one day, instead of trying to correct the problem after they already created it, they will learn not to publish something dumb in the first place.

What the Hell is Marvel's RessurXion?

So if sacrificing good storytelling in favor of fringe-left political propaganda wasn't bad enough, there are rumors of Marvel killing off the X-men franchise purely to spite FOX, who currently own the movie rights to the franchise.

In Peviews of the upcoming Extraordinary X-Men, it is revealed that a purified form of the terragen Myst, (the thing that activates the powers of the Inhumans) is weponized in the form of a bomb, and is lethal to Mutants. This story, as well as many X-Men being left out of promotional materials lately, suggests to readers that any characters still owned by FOX; including the Fantastic Four; will be annexed from the Marvel Comics landscape soon.

Why the X-Men comics are like driving by a car-accident.

Right now, there are 3 entirely different X-Men comics following 3 different teams, with three different goals. The Uncanny X-men, who's whole thing is to build a school in a parallel dimension full of demons n' shit in order to avoid terragen poisoning, The Extraordinary X-Men, lead by Magneto, who are basically just the X-Force without Cyclops.

Now, the real clusterfuck here, is the All-New X-Men; lead by a teenage Cyclops from the past, consisting of members like Old Man Logan (Old Wolverine) from the future, Gene Gray from the past before SHE died, and Genesis, who is a child version of Apokalipse from an alternate Timeline.

Now, if having three different X-Men books that don't follow the same plot line isn't confusing enough, most of these books revolve around, and often reference, the death of Cyclops. We find out in the first issue of the All-New X-Men that a mutant cult known as the ghosts of Cyclops is going around acting like the Brotherhood of evil Mutants. Now the obvious question here, is how did Cyclops even Die? Wasn't he in prison? Well guess what? we have to wait until fucking October to find out how he dies, even though this was a foregone conclusion for six months already! There have been extensive stories and plot-lines revolving around this character long after he died, Including Mr. Sinister re-animating his fucking corpse into a mutant-inhuman hybrid zombie, yet it's been over six months and we still don’t have a clue how it happened!?!

How this reflects upon Marvel's quality of storytelling.

This, to me, just proves the points I've been making for months now. Marvel's stories are a shit-storm because stories aren't motivated by character development or a passion for telling a good story: They're motivated by corporate maneuvering and fringe-left political propaganda.

I have been a Marvel comics fan for years. I have always chosen marvel over DC on the book shelves since I was 8 years old, because their stories were compelling and inspiring back then. But times have changed, and so has Marvel Comics. The Civil War going on right now is more of a footnote than an actual event, established characters are being thrown to the wind and replaced by uninteresting hacks, and the X-Men comics are starting to look like the Maximum Clonage saga.

I am no longer interested in Marvel's books, because Marvel's books have clearly lost interest in themselves.

The Fall of the X-men: Marvel's Narritive Train-Wreck

I wanted to buy a tablet as a viable alternative to a full sized laptop. I went through about 3 or 4 of them before I finally gave in and realized that Android just plain sucks when it comes to productivity. It may do very well in streamlining gaming right now, but trying to do anything serious with the OS, like using a full version of a photo editor, code making, (even for basic Markup languages like HTML,) and MIDI production all suck balls on this platform.

A large portion of the problem is the OS, (which seems to be designed around phones and not Tablets in the slightest,) but an equally large portion of the problem has to do with the hardware most tablets have, and the fact that they are just plain shit. I don't mean to say they are shit like they don't work well, even though that is the case for most android tablets, I'm saying that the way a lot of the hardware is designed isn't good enough to accommodate what most people would use them for.

This leads me to question the purpose of an android tablet entirely. What is its niche? What are they for? who are they designed to appeal to?

They suck for photo editing

Photoshop sucks ass on the Android platform right now, and the only way to get GIMP to work properly on Android is by downloading an APK bigger than most triple-A game titles on Android, and hacking a version of XFCE into the OS like an episode of Mr. Robot. Pretty much every other photo editor for android tablets is one step below Photoshop Express, which is like losing a 100 Yard dash to a 100 year-old turtle.

They suck for video editing.

I have tried like you wouldn't believe to find a decent video editor on this platform, and paid a shit ton of money unlocking them all, yet, every single one of them is complete garbage. Either you can't edit video properly, or you can edit it properly, but you can't add more than one audio track, defeating the entire purpose of video production software entirely. 

All of the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) suck huge penis.

I think the worst example of software for tablets and Smartphones is the DAWs, and how they all seem to be tailor made for only one kind of music style, and that music style is almost always Dubstep, with a hint of closet-homosexual techno music from the mid 90s. Try to make Metal, R&B, or Orchestral scrapes, and you're shit out of luck, because these programs don't support real VSTi or DXi effects & layers, and all of the effects these programs DO have are proprietary.

I almost forgot to mention the baffling lack of user friendliness of these programs that have me pulling my fucking hair out every time I try to use them. The visual literacy of most of these programs are so retarded, they make look absolutely flawless in comparison.

Android tablets suck for painting and drawing.

Android has some of the best apps for graphic artist of any platform outside of Adobe Photoshop. The problem is, 99% of all Android tablets lack the two most important features an artist like me would need to have to draw effectively on Android: Pressure sensitivity and palm rejection.

Pressure sensitivity is when the size of your brush gets bigger or smaller depending on how hard or soft you press on the screen. Palm rejection is when the android touch screen doesn't detect your hand or wrist leaning on the screen, yet only detects the stylus you're using to draw with. The Samsung Galaxy Note series phones have this, as well as the Samsung Note 6, and many ASUS tablets, but they all require you to use whatever proprietary stylus came with the device. iOS and Windows allow you to buy whatever Bluetooth stylus you want.

This is one of those unique cases where the only thing holding Android tablets back from being the great art platform for aspiring artists is the hardware not being universal across all Android tablets.

What android tablets are good at.

Surprisingly enough, the one thing that Android excels at seems to be gaming. Gaming just plain works across the vast majority of Android tablets, but with smartphones being able to play all the same games, tablets hardly stand out as being a good enough reason to get one, if only for a bigger screen.

To me, this is why Tablets that run Android have been steadily dropping in sales numbers the past couple of years. When you get right down to it, tablets are just one half of a laptop, so butchering the software to be more like a phone and butchering the hardware to make it less appealing to pretty much anyone is a recipe for disaster.

Do Android Tablets Suck for Productivity?

As someone who is a fan of comic books, an ethnic minority, and as an artist in general, I feel it is important for people to be honest about the direction marvel is going with their all-new lineup, and not allow themselves to be labeled a racist or a misogynist. for disagreeing with it. That being said, this is objectively a terrible idea in my opinion.

what struck me immediately upon reading the Riri Williams Iron Man issue is that the artwork looks like complete and utter CGI shit. I've seen better illustrations on freakin' Newgrounds back in 2006 than the art we have here.

Artwork aside, I feel there is something to be said about the lengths marvel seems to be going to be politically correct. I feel like there is a right way to do it, and if this is what they are going for, I'm all for it, but not when it comes at the price of good storytelling, or when it's blatantly disrespectful to the source material. Sadly, I think the ladder is happening.

Riri Williams does not deserve to be called Iron Man.

The issue I have with Williams is that unlike Tony Stark, Riri is a Mary Sue. For those of you who don't know, a Mary Sue is a character who is good at everything for no good reason. The reason this is a problem, is that a protagonist who is already perfect at everything, there are no longer opportunities for character development. Riri is already smarter than Stark, so there is no opportunity for a struggle to becoming a hero, or even for Tony stark to teach her how to be Iron Man, because she's already better than him for no good reason.

RiRi Wiliams Lacks basic character development.

The story of RiRi in this universe lacks basic character development you would find in most other comic books that follow 'the heroes journey'. THJ, for those of you who don't know, is a writing trope adapted by most films and books that were originally pioneered by the ancient Greeks. In these stories, a hero; seemingly down on their luck; is discovered by an old wise father figure who tells them they are destined for greatness, and trains them through a series of trials to be ready to face an even greater obstacle. The hero of the story is what writers call the "protagonist", and the obstacle is what we call the "Antagonist". Most stories within the Marvel lineup omit the wise father figure part and just skip to the trials, but the overall structure of the heroes journey stays the same, because it is the one and only method a writer has for character development. The heroes journey is a storytelling tool that changes the protagonist in order to become a better or stronger person. Heroes in these stories never end their journey being the same people as when they started it, because the process of making them better or stronger are what makes these characters relate-able to the reader.

Anyone who has read the mini issue of Riri Williams Iron Man can tell right away that there is no character development here. We don't get to see Williams go on a journey to become Iron Man, we just see her as Iron Man. She never has to learn anything in the story, she never has to struggle to become the hero the way a real hero does; she's just perfect for no good reason.

The precedent this sets is sexist and racist.

What we have here is a character who came out of nowhere, who's origin story is basically the writers lazily handing her a title she never earned, just because she's black. This is similar to why Jane foster as Thor got such a bad rep early on. It's disrespectful to the heroes who are still very much alive to have some amateur with no real back story, nor trials to becoming a hero, taking the place of established veterans just because marvel doesn't think the old heroes are the right gender or skin color.

It's inherently racist when you think about it. Marvel has been killing off characters like Bruce Banner, Peter Parker and Steve Rogers in order to replace them with ethnic minorities for the sole purpose of thinning the heard of white people. It's racist on two fronts, because not only does it imply that heroes can be "too white to matter" in the Marvel landscape, it also sets the same precedent that made affirmative action such a controversial issue. Instead allowing these ethnic minority characters to develop their own name and legends, Marvel seems to think that black, Asian, Hispanic and Middle-Eastern heroes are too inferior to stand on their own, so they need to commandeer the success and popularity of white people to succeed.

Like most social Justice Warriors, Brian Michael Bendis has been pushing ethnic minorities into the role of popular heroes, not based upon their merits, but simply the color of their skin, or their gender, so that anyone who disagrees with the decision can be labeled a racist or misogynist. The problem with this way of politicizing comics is not just that it's patronizing to readers, but it also seems to breed a cycle of bad storytelling. Riri is a perfect example of a character that just exists with no previous setup, no backstory, and no trials to becoming a hero, for this very reason.

Stolen Valor.

The reason I, and most other Marvel fans don't seems to have a problem with Sam Wilson as Captain America, is because he earned Captain America; Same with Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. These people were already heroes in the field, fighting alongside other heroes. I think it can be perceived as an issue of stolen valor as well. Imagine if this 15 year old girl claimed to be a Veteran? Imagine if she went around masquerading as a decorated Iraq war hero? A purple heart, or a Star of Bravery wouldn't mean jack shit if you can just hand them out to any fifteen year old girl fresh out of high school, would it? That's what the names of heroes essentially are. Iron Man isn't just a name, it's the legend behind that name, earned over the coarse of several years. Tony Stark's Iron Man earned the fame and legendary status of the name, Riri Williams did NOT.

Why RiRi Williams Should Not be Iron Man

What I want to try and do here is convince any aspiring blogger who might be reading this to start vlogging instead. Those of us who have worked in print media have seen the downward trend in articles, and the depth-defying increase in traffic involving video that has made the old primitive blogging experience obsolete. If you like blogging, I would suggest you keep doing it, but for those of you who want the maximum amount of exposure you can possibly have online, you're probably better off adapting to this new platform with a focus on video presentation.

Blogging limits exposure

I'm sure there are a bunch of successful bloggers out there who are so popular, they could publish a New York times best selling book on how awesome they are at it, but let me ask you this: can we name any of them off the top of our heads? No we can not.

Contrast that with the amount of YouTube personalities -who basically do the same thing- who are not only wildly successful, but are easily recognizable? I could name over a dozen YouTube bloggers with well over a million subscribers right of the top of my head right now. How many big names are on or WordPress right now? If you have to look them up, Chances are, they aren't as prolific a figure as is necessary to gain a meaningful following online.

Bloggers were the shit back in 2006, when the platform was really coming into its own, because the concept was relatively new. A blogger could pay their rent with the ad revenue they gained from their own website in those days. Nowadays, this is definitely no longer the case. Unless you work for a popular blog that had already been established back in 2006, bloggers have little to no real chance of getting a large following anymore.

Believe it or not, Vlogging does maximize your overall traffic when you upload and host your videos on websites like Vimeo or YouTube. According to YouTube's very own press statistics, YouTube alone comprises over one billion users, (nearly a third of all internet users watch YouTube videos,) and represents hundreds of millions of hours of views a day. People only need to go on one website to find your videos all in one place, compared to bloggers who have their websites scattered across the internet, with verying SEO errors that all play a role in limiting their exposure. Not only that, but about 90% of all blog traffic is non-organic, meaning that you will end up spending more time advertising your articles than actually writing them.

Technology is leaving blogging behind

In a world where people are constantly on the move, you can't really expect much of anyone to sit back and read any articles in an age where full 1080p video can be streamed on your phone over a 4G LTE connection. Innovation favors efficiency, and sadly, reading an article online is no longer efficient when you compare it to the technology of today. Reading is becoming less appealing in a world where you don't even have to read a book to read a book anymore.

To sum everything up, I see blogging is going the way of the personal message board. Much the same way Facebook, Twitter and G+ have made Forums look like a dinosaur, The same thing can be said is happening to Blogging. Technology is always changing, and those who succeed are those who stay ahead of the curve.

2 Reasons Why Blogging is Dead (and Why Vlogging is Better)

Even though the Inhumans have existed for years, many still see them as Marvel's attempted replacement for the X-Men recently, since Marvel Film Studios can't seem to buy back the film rights after having sold them to FOX back in the 90's. Anyone who has been following the second Civil War event can clearly see that marvel is shoving these heroes and their stories down reader's throats, finding ways to shoehorn their plot lines into every other story, including the X-Men.

The overwhelming consensus of the Inhumans in comics on places like Reddit and G+ is that they really don't give a shit. They don't hate the Inhumans, but at the same time, they aren't particularly liked, either. To me, they kind of suck from a storyteller's perspective, which I can only speculate is part of the reason most people don't care about these characters.

  • The plot of the inhumans is boring.

The Inhumans are the result of a Kree alien experiment on earth thousands of years ago. The Inhumans get their powers when they're exposed to the Terragen Myst, and live in a secret city, isolated from the rest of the world, where the biggest source of conflict and motivation is to propagate their species. To me, this comes off as the most uninteresting setup for a story I could possibly imagine. A story where your biggest concern regarding your people is who you're going to fuck next is the kind of plot you would expect from a late 90's comedy starring Ryan Reynolds.

Now, contrast that with the X-men, who are a group of heroes born with a mutant gene that gives them extraordinary powers by the time they hit puberty. The sheer scope of their powers, coupled with the reputation for mutants with great power to turn to commit acts of crime has resulted in a warranted fear and prejudice from the Human majority, who often try to protest and legislate them out of the general population. Their story is far more interesting, because the plot puts them at odds with the rest of humanity in a way that practically writes itself. The humans hate the Mutants, so fear-mongering and religious propaganda puts them at odds with special interest groups who seek to destroy them. Not only is attempting to integrate them into society a good thing from a storytelling perspective, but giving them the status of an oppressed minority group within that society provides so many opportunities for social commentary. The Inhumans have none of that.

  • The characters suck

Okay, Maybe not all of them suck, but most of them do for various reasons, not the least of which is the fact that most of them come off as selfish assholes. They are boring as shit, many of them have completely interchangeable personalities, and just plain aren't interesting at all.

I was just reading The first issue of the Uncanny Inhumans, where Black Bolt; the King of the Inhumans; tries to get his son back from Kang the Conqueror, after having sold his son to Kang in order to save his life. What really stuck out for me while reading this story is that the only characters that really stood out as being memorable was the ones who weren't Inhuman. Beast (an X-MAN) was the most level-headed, rational individual while Jonny Storm (Fantastic Four) was the most forward-thinking and likable character in the story, who ended up taking the most initiative. Reader was the only Inhuman who came off as being a relate-able character.

To top it all off, we get a shot of Medusa Making out with Johnny Storm, as Black Bolt walks in on them. Jonny is naturally on the defensive, while Medusa is being a colossal cunt about the situation. The reason I bring this up is because this is a microcosm of a much bigger problem with the inhuman cast of characters, which is that they are all kinda dicks anyway. There are no sympathetic characters in their stories, just a bunch of self-absorbed pricks who get put in whatever situation the plot needed them to be in.

The X-Men and Fantastic 4 all have compelling character Dynamics. They are able to bounce personality traits off of each-other in order to weave a coherent story with believable characters. The Inhumans are lead by Black Bolt, who doesn't even fucking talk, while the supporting characters are either knob-heads, assholes, or are so bland that you could literally switch dialogue bubbles out on a whim and have no idea who's personality is being projected through the dialogue.

  • Inhumans have no villains.

Like I said before, The most pressing issue the Inhumans have is the necessity to propagate their species. Pretty much every villain or catastrophe they have ever faced came from a more popular story from another book that got shoehorned into somehow being the InHuman's problem. This way, the writers could use the popularity of other IPs to sell their books. The InHumans don't even have a single InHuman antagonist, besides the occasional erectile dysfunction, and possibly low sperm count.

Contrast that with the X-Men, who almost always have antagonists within their own gene pool, ranging from class 5 Mutants like Magneto to literal God-like beings like Apokalipse!

People have been saying that the Uncanny Inhumans are a step up in storytelling for the franchise, but the only reason that appears to be the case in my opinion, is because Characters with actual character were injected into these stories like Beast and the Human Torch. Had the InHumans been left to handle the Kang issue in Uncanny InHumans #1 by themselves, they would all have been erased from history, and the book would have likely been canceled.

Why Nobody Cares About the Inhumans

Marvel is killing it at the box office recently, outselling DC at every turn so far in that regard. To me, it has a lot to do with Marvel's ability to weave their colossal marketing machine into some very coherent storytelling. The comics, in my opinion, have been taking a very clear dive in the quality of their storytelling; preferring to follow whatever trends the movies create instead of their own, or trying to promote a political message at the cost of coherent storytelling. Here are the top 3 Thing that suck about Marvel Comics these days.

Too much trending, not enough innovating.

The second Civil War event just got released at the tail end of the most recent Captain America film, which very loosely follows the events of the first civil war Comic event from 2002, and with the way things are going, it looks pretty obvious that this story is just an excuse to piggyback off of the runaway success of the Civil War film in order to push the Inhumans to readers, who would otherwise not give a shit.

The story revolves around a young Inhuman who can see the future. Captain Marvel and Iron Man have a very contrived and unrealistic civil war as to how, or even if the Inhuman's power should be used to prevent crimes before they happen. Captain Marvel, very unrealistically and completely uncharacteristically, supports using an Inhuman in order to prevent crimes before they happen, whereas Iron Man (of all fucking people) is against this idea. Hi-jinx ensue, War Machine dies just so that the writers can have a very contrived reason to have the two sides get into fisticuffs, and the rest is history.

We saw a very similar thing happen around the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past with the Avengers vs. XMen event comic. A Mutant with the power of the phoenix Force is caught in a power struggle between a nut-job Scott Summers (Cyclops), and a very apprehensive and seemingly disinterested Captain America over how the Phoenix Force should be used.

These contrived events serve only to establish very poorly constructed excuses to get the heroes to fight each-other. Much like what we saw in the Batman v Superman film, these scenarios rely too heavily upon lame, virtually non-existent motivation for the characters to do any of the things that lead up to the fight. This isn't merely an issue of bad writing: its bad writing with the purpose of marketing a scenario that makes no sense.

Characters with no Character

I've written a lot about how the majority of marvel's writers, with the exception of Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns ,and possibly Jonathan Hickman seem to have written the character and personality out of the Marvel Universe. Reading Civil War II was a perfect example of how characters and dialogue can be written in such a way as to be completely interchangeable between people who are saying them. Every piece of dialogue was basically the same, and no humanity seemed to leak through in any of the interactions between them.

What the vast majority of marvel stories need -but seem to lack depending on who's writing the script- are archetypes. Archetypes are a component of character dynamics in creative writing. It usually implies that the characters in any story emote varying quirks and personality traits in order to convey a sense of diversity in any group of characters in the story. Stephen King, J.J. Abrams and Stephen Spielberg all have their set of individuals in a group that provide a different character dynamic, sometimes similar to how Moon Knight's multiple Personalities work.

Spider Man has always been a good example of why characterization of a superhero is a good thing. Spider Man was not just a guy who had super strength and swung from buildings n' shit: He was a funny person, had an upbeat disposition, and a deep code of ethics. Of course, some writers -especially in the mid 90's- found every excuse in the world to make him a dark brooding emo kid with a billion different clones, but people remembered him for his character more than anything. The way most marvel writers seem to write characters now, had their dialogue not been illustrated in a bubble next to the character's face, there would be no way of telling them apart. Hell, most writers before and even DURING the Civil War event from 2002 forgot how to write Tony Stark for years until the Iron Man film from 2008 gave him his personality back.

There is a reason why characters like SpiderMan, Iron Man and Thor stand out, (even prior to the Marvel film universe,) more than characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, and even Dare Devil: The ladder's personalities don't separate them from any other stoic dark-age superhero.

Political Bias over good storytelling

I bring up the first Civil War event a lot, because in my opinion, it marks a turning point in Marvel's quality of storytelling that shifted away from stories and toward making very heavy-handed political commentary.

The first Civil War started off strong, with a group of idiots attempting to apprehend a super villain in his home for a reality TV show, winded up causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people, many of whom were children at a nearby school. Next thing you know, the Superhero Registration Act McGuffen is introduced, pinning the pro registration crowd led by Iron Man against the Anti Registration crowd led by Captain America. Sparks fly, A character nobody cared about dies, and this sparks the flame that ignites a Civil war pinning two factions of heroes against each-other in a very compelling, reasonable, and very well thought out story, with both sides of the debate raising compelling arguments for their position, until later on when everything went to shit.

There was a point in the Civil War story where it stopped remaining neutral about its argumentation, and started going full-on Alex Jones, with the plot and narrative sticking firmly on the side of Captain America, as Tony Stark began advocating, and even facilitating the indefinite detention of Anti-registration members, the fucking SLAVERY of Convicted super villains, and at one point there was some very disturbing imagery of Spider Woman's child being forcibly removed from her, (presumably to be orphaned as a ward of the state,) as she is imprisoned in an internment camp.

I feel that Marvel, as a whole, have lost their touch when it comes to telling a story of compelling conflict, especially nowadays. The focus seems to be overwhelmingly toward forcing a particular point of view, rather than encouraging us to relate to a character's struggle.

There was a point in Angela:Queen of Hel story line where both Angela and Sera stumble upon Bor, the father of Odin, presumably giving the most racist, sexist and anti-Israeli speech in the entire universe or whatever. Of course, we're never going to know what was said, since the narrator of the story decide to censor that part, straight up offending the Male Rights Activists and conservative members of the book's audience with a very cheap and inappropriate excuse to project a straw-man argument into the antagonist of the story.

Not surprisingly, the series was canceled after only four issues due to having some of the poorest sales numbers in the Marvel Lineup.

Anyone who has ever read this series can tell right away that it uses the myths of the Celtic legends as a platform to promote two lesbian protagonists, a very left-leaning narrative, and not much else. This series is a perfect example of a writer who cares more about promoting political propaganda than telling a compelling story, and I see this trend bleeding over into the rest of the Marvel Comics universe.

Marvel seems to be more concerned with how politically correct their cast of heroes are than actually telling good stories with good characters. With the All New, All Different lineup, there is far more emphasis on who is Gay, Lesbian, a woman, or Black than what their characters might convey to their readers. Characters like Falcon don't fall into this category in my opinion, because much like Captain Marvel, both were already legendary heroes who took up the mantle after their partners died, so they earned the right to do so. Jane Foster's Thor, however, did not.

Female Thor was shoehorned into the role of the god of thunder due to the writer's biased attempt to push a female protagonist in a role popularized by a man, which is frankly disrespectful, and far more Misogynist than the writers might have intended. It implies that a woman needs to appropriate the power and success of a man to succeed, which is bullshit.

Captain Marvel came off as a better transition to me, because Mar-Vell had already been dead for years, and even though the original adaptation of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel saw her admiring Mar-Vell as a love interest and gaining his powers, but also addresses this issue by developing the Carol Danvers character as someone who had to overcome the loss of her boyfriend and gain the confidence to honor his legacy. The Jane Foster Thor plot line just says "fuck you, Odinson, You're not worthy" and he loses his power on a whim, implying it was because the power of Thor somehow gave Jane 'plot convenience cancer' or some bullshit.

Say what you want about DC dropping the ball at the box office lately; they seem to be much more focused on telling a story in a comic book than telling you what to think.

3 Things That Suck About Marvel Comics

Over the past week, people have been getting triggered as hell over a fathers day T-shirt from the summer Old Navy collection. The graphical T of doom and oppression is embroiled with a set of words that say "It's Father's Day" at first glance, but upon closer inspection, also reads "it's really her day".

I gotta be honest here. As a man, having recognized how disproportionately women are favored in the family unit for the most part, and how fathers are almost always screwed in family court, I understand why this would piss people off. Just last year, an Angel Soft ad got a huge swarm of negativity after it very clearly dismisses fathers with their "Happy Father's day, Mom" ad hit YouTube. It would be easy to see how people can connect the dots and see a clear hostility in the mainstream media toward Fathers.

As a man, I can understand why this would be offensive, but the comedian in me won't allow me to get offended by it. Unlike the bullshit Angel Soft ad from last year, this very clearly looks like some satire. Sure, the Joke is kinda lame and doesn't really work, but not because it's offensive; it's because it really isn't funny enough to get away with it.

Part of me has to wonder how much of this outrage is just people looking for any excuse imaginable to get offended by something. My generation has been chomping at the bit to claim some sort of oppressed minority status ever since we started entering a college environment. It's gotten so bad that literally saying hello to a woman is considered fucking rape culture.

There are a lot more legitimately offensive things out there than someone's fucking shirt.

People Getting Offended by a Shirt Again (Old Navy Edition)

I never knew about Stream.ME until I watched an hour-and-a-half long debate on YouTube, between Killer Keemstar of the smash hit show Drama Alert, and Rich of ReviewTechUSA: One of the oldest commentary-over-videogame footage channels on YouTube. At one point, between Rich utterly DESTROYING Keemstar in that debate, Keem felt the need to assert his vast wealth and prominence, via the royalties he gets from Stream.ME.

E-penis-waving contest aside, the thought that there could be a viable alternative to streaming outside of Twitch and Hitbox intrigued me. As it turns out, it Really is a legit streaming website.

There are some weird drawbacks though. For one, there are three forms of currency one has to juggle on the website like some shitty Android game designed for the sole purpose of milking a user's wallet. (*COUGHcoughMobileStrikecoughCOUGH*) You have your real cash, your "sparkles", and last, and certainly least, your Unicorns, with no real balance or differentiation between the perceived value of any of them.

You have a limited number of comments you can make in a stream for some reason, with no clear indicator of when you've reached a limit, or if there is even a limit at all. For all I know, this is either a glitch, or it has nothing to do with the user. 

The one good thing about Stream.ME that stands out is that the streaming works well. Full HQ, little to no lag spikes... It's pretty much Twitch with a more clear and Focused user interface that utilizes more of the screen real-estate. 

I decided to write about it because this website should have more attention than its getting, in my opinion. To have this level of diverse competition on the web between social media websites like this is an important aspect of capitalism I feel is missing from video sharing websites like YouTube, where their only competition is bullshit like DailyMotion. Y'all need to check this out.



Imagine not hearing any sound coming from the game while streaming. That's YouTube Gaming app.

I never liked the idea of live streaming mobile games. Partly because the logistics behind getting the stream working and functional were too complicated, and partly the fact that I wasn't interested in seeing a face-cam placed awkwardly underneath the inevitably overweight twelve year old kids nostrils during a Minecraft walkthrough.

That being said, and the current landscape of Android gaming being the spam laden micro transaction Ponzi scheme that it is, I couldn't help but try to make it work myself, using YouTube's Gaming app.

In case you've been living under a bomb shelter in a parallel universe, YouTube Gaming was a platform aiming to rip off, with some of YouTube's own UI and video functions thrown in there, just to remind you of how much of a pointless re-skin this website really is, and if the Android port of YouTube's Gaming app is any indication, this whole platform is about as useful to mobile gaming as polio is to a fucking firefighter.

Opening the app for the first time clues you in on the kind of innovative ideas present during the development of this app, when you notice how it's obviously just YouTube with a darker theme, and only shows gaming related videos. It doesn't quite become a pile of shit on the corpse of a dead elephant in my mind until I realized that my stream looked like this:

By the way, that was the UNEDITED full recording of the stream, from start to finish. No, you didn't just have a stroke, that was the entire stream. Now after watching that clip, if you weren't expecting a phone call telling you that you would die in 7 days, you were probably wondering why the stream looked less like gameplay footage and more like a PowerPoint presentation. You see, streams on YouTube and elsewhere have the ability to skip parts of the video where the connection cuts off or lags.

What you just saw was a clip of footage a little over 5 minutes long, but since YouTube doesn't record lag, ended up getting chopped and cut like it was the intro to a mid 90's NuMetal soundtrack.

It doesn't take a molecular physicist to know that compared to most gaming streams involving a console or a gaming PC, this looks about as stable as the dead wife of the protagonist of the P.T. demo trying to walk down a flight of stairs.

And no, it wasn't the stream quality, because I tried the same shit using both the 1080p and 480p stream options, and they are both the fucking same when they get uploaded by YouTube after the stream ends.

And before you even say it this was attempted on at least 3 devices, two of which are Motorola phones, and one of them was a Nexus.

It's entirely possible that this type of game casting is only compatible with a handful of devices thus far, making the foray into live Streaming with the app unreliable and a freaking gamble to say the least.

I dunno.

YouTube Gaming App Sucks (And Here's Why)

I know I'm going to get a lot of shit for this, so let me start off by saying that this is entirely my subjective point of view.

Considering both Apple and Samsung are easily the two biggest smartphone providers in the world right now, saying that Samsung phones suck is like kicking a hornet's nest using only your flaccid penis. Going into production of this article, I could already expect the like to dislike ratio to look like the general consensus of The Fine Brothers at this point.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the phones suck. They don't. Kyocera phones suck. I'm just saying that they aren't that fucking good. People are buying this shit like it's a fucking cure for the Ebola virus.

Here is a list of things that suck about Samsung phones.

  1.  Design.

I can honestly say that Samsung designs phones the way God designed fucking raindrops. These phones support some of the most baffling design decisions I have ever seen. Whoever decided that someones entire phone needed to be covered on all sides with smoother-than-jizz-on-a-watermelon Gorilla Glass was either higher than the Voyager 2 satellite, or wanted to design a phone that they could safely shove up their own ass, because the galaxy S5 and 6 are harder to grip without a specialized case than a bar of soap in a maximum security prison.

If that wasn't bad enough, some level 42 intellect at Samsung's design committee decided that the S6 edge, as well as both Galaxy S7s needed to round both edges of the screen, and extend the display area all the way to the very side of the phone, so that only Mutant telekinesis-experts like Gean Grey from the X-Men can use the phone without pressing shit by accident, because got forbid some fucking caveman wanted to use his own hands to hold the very phone that requires his hands to operate, am I right?

If you thought Samsung's phones being about as easy to grip as a hard boiled egg covered in duck feces was bad, just wait till you drop the thing on the ground, because for a phone covered in gorilla glass, this phone is easier to shatter than a saltine cracker if it were taking lessons in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. These glass panels are about as strong as the teeth of the average heroine addict.

I work at a company that employ's 250 people, about 90% of whom use a Samsung Galaxy S6, and guess what? I have not seen one -not even one- screen that wasn't cracked along the edge. You know, the same edge that Samsung's brilliant superior minds felt the whole God damn screen should be, covered from top to bottom in the glass that could be shattered by peaceful thoughts, or perhaps even a slight breeze on a partly cloudy Tuesday afternoon?


I know this is going to sound like bullshit coming from the grand wizard of the#StockAndroidMasterRace, but Touchwiz; Samsung's completely unnecessary custom ROM for the galaxy series; is a glitchy, bloated, and impractical pile of shit in my opinion. I know that this is a subjective opinion and everything, but consider this: Touchwiz -in the new galaxy S7- is nearly eight fucking gigabytes all by itself. Stock android builds like what you have in the Nexus are less than half of that, yet are capable of the exact same shit. To put this in perspective, the entire internal storage capacity of my 3rd Gen Moto G is 8 gigabytes by itself, and that's running Android 6! Now I know the fanboys are going to tear me a new asshole in the comments section, but let's be honest here: Touchwiz is a custom ROM built on Android source code, so what exactly is Samsung putting in this build that justifies an 8gb build? Bloatware, redundant bullshit apps, and the morbidly obese Touchwiz OS itself.

Just so we're clear, when I talk about redundant apps, I'm talking about the fact that instead of just having a Samsung keyboard, it also has the AOSP keyboard running at the same time. Instead of just having a Samsung calendar, there is also the Stock AOSP calendar, and so on. Samsung's 300+ apps hogging a shit ton of storage, coupled with Samsung cloud services hogging system RAM as it sends usage statistics back to Samsung, which is also checking your location, and everything else a cloud service does, right along side all the Google AOSP cloud services while it does the same shit, meaning that it's using twice as much memory to do even the most basic tasks, means that its wasting resources for no good reason at all. Don't even get me started on system logging, because both the Samsung and AOSP apps log app data at the same time.

What makes this such a pain in the ass is the fact that Samsung's hardware is actually pretty good. The excellent hardware is wasted on a ROM that sucks by any metric one could use to measure it.


This may seem entirely subjective, but I feel like the way the Android market has favored Samsung Phones is not entirely Justified. In other words, I think there has been way too much hype built around a rather expensive phone that really isn't that good. There are much -much- better devices out there for the same price getting overlooked, because they are stuck in the shadow of the monster that is the Samsung Marketing machine.

This is why a have not, and WILL not buy another Samsung Galaxy. The drawbacks are just too numerous for me, when the Nexus 6P costs about the same as the Galaxy S7.

3 Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Suck

Android gaming has come a long way since it was nothing more than a collection of games ported from iOS. Kind of a shame though, that some 5 years after Android gaming has gone mainstream, it still sucks in a lot of ways.

1. Way too many ads.

If you download a game for free, be prepared to be gang-raped in a back alley at 3AM by pop up ads that require a Bluetooth stylus and the precision of a fucking brain surgeon to close without accidentally clicking on the ad. The overwhelming majority of Google Play Games exist for the sole purpose of re-purposing a Unity source code in order to build games around spamming for ad revenue.

Allow me to ask my fellow android gamers a question: How many times have we Android gamers had to sit through -or click out of- a full screen ad after every load screen, menu transition, or even immediately following a death? How many of these games allow you the option of buying your way out of the spam, via some in-game purchases? Not that many, you're probably saying to yourself.

2. Most of the games are clones.

It's believed that at least 99.999999999% of all Google Play games were built using a source code from Unity and ported to the Android platform. This leaves you with 98,765,432.1 of the exact same fucking game, released on Google Play under dozens of different names, and with only slight variations by at least 90 different publishers.

3. Blatant Copyright Infringement.

The vast majority of runners and platformers released by Chinese publishers straight up steal intellectual property from popular North American film studios and video game designers with impunity, while profiting from it via the ad revenue they get by flooding your screen with marketing bullshit. Funny how channels on YouTube can be struck, or deleted via FALSE copyright claims, yet the developers on Google Play can freely engage in flat-out fucking THEFT without management so much as batting an eye.

Of course, this doesn't apply to all Android games, and the ones that don't suck ass usually get the most attention, but it cannot be denied that there is just way too much fucking garbage on Google Play right now.

4. Pay-To-Win Micro-transactions.

This pay-to-win bullshit is when a game developer strategically designs a game with the intent of making it discouraging, or even downright fucking impossible to win without forking over real cash in order to gain a fair, or even mild advantage. Games like Robots and Mobile Strike sometimes make it a requirement to fork over real cash for certain items and weapons, regardless of the progress you make in the game to earn them.

I am not entirely apposed to micro-transactions, but I feel there is a right and WRONG way to go about them. This sort of think should be used as a way to enhance the game play, not become a barrier to it, and the ladder happens WAY too often. This type of bullshit is mirrored in the console and PC mainstream, where pay-to-win DLC is used to patch a partially completed game that you would ordinarily have to pay $60 for anyway.

5. Vast majority of games don't support gamepads.

Point and click gaming may comprise the vast majority of the Android gaming platform, and probably don't need controllers, but games that very OBVIOUSLY DO need gamepad support, such as Racing, Fighting, and even some third-person action games should be fucking REQUIRED to integrate support for a peripheral like that, yet the overwhelming majority don't have that option, leaving you to play games that obviously weren't ideal for touch-screen controls, to be played with nearly %30 of your screen to be covered up by your own thumbs, in a slippery, awkward fucking mess of an experience.

I had recently reviewed The King of Fighters 2015 A for Android on, and I was shocked and baffled to find that It didn't even have basic support for peripherals like game pads or joysticks. KOF was a franchise developed more than 15 years ago by SNK, and they haven't figured out how to get basic Gamepad support for a 15 Year old fighting game? Are you shitting me? SNK is selling the entire NEO*GEO  fighting game library for 4.99 a pop already! Are you telling me they couldn't figure this shit out for those games either?!

5 Reasons Android Games Suck.

you're probably wondering why I'm writing about some obscure piece of shit Android tablet that no one has ever heard of, and the reason is because its pissing me off. I bought this thing almost a year ago for around $50 at BestBuy thinking I was going to get a sweet deal, only to run into problem after problem that almost had me German suplexing this thing into the nearest industrial wood chipper.

1. Most of the games and apps crash.

Let's be honest, ladies and gentlemen; most tech savvy people would rather be caught by their parents in an awkward BDSM session than be seen dead with an off-brand tablet. The vast majority of people buying this thing are buying it for their kids, so they can do homework and, more importantly, play games. Too bad most of the games crash harder than the Titanic making out with an Iceberg.

The fact that this thing only has 512 megs of system RAM, Supplemented by a Dalvik Cache emulating the other 512MB of it on an internal memory that only has 8 Gigabytes of space is a recipe for disaster. The vast majority of the games I tested for my Review of the product on crashed less than two minutes into the game, whereas some of them crashed immediately after the loading screen. To makes matters worse, Firefox -Fucking Firefox- crashes regularly on this device, and so does the Swype Keyboard that I paid for, specifically for this device!

2. Its racist against Bluetooth devices

I bought this thing for the sole purpose of using it as a word processor. I needed a tiny laptop to write my articles with, and this was the only thing that made sense at the time. Anyway, I pair the shit, start writing, and 4 minutes later, not only did the keyboard I paired randomly disconnect 18 times in the course of a fucking hour,  it would hold down the"P" key and "SPACEBAR" for eternity, then disconnect, leaving me to have to go back to Settings>Bluetooth Devices and pair the fucking thing AGAIN after putting in the pin, and guess what? it didn't pair, so I had to do the shit again!!!!!!!! Then guess what happened?!?!?!!??! IT UNPAIRED THE FUCKING MOUSE I WAS JUST USING!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Really bad hardware ruins the good hardware.

The graphics processor is nice, The Mediatek CPU isn't slow at all, yet with only 512MB of ram , and a touch sensor that is slightly more accurate than a Storm Trooper playing Lazer Tag, you could hardly call this a decent device. Also, the screen is shit. Sorry to say it, but if you view it from any angle other than sideways, and slightly tilted backward to the ceiling, you get more glare than staring directly into the surface of the sun, and with only thousands of colors, you can easily see patterns of pixels supplementing the lack of full color support that just about every other tablet in the known universe seems to have.

Now I know what You're thinking: Rage, why are you judging this thing by today's standards? don't you know this is a old budget tablet? The answer is no, I'm not judging this by today's standards. I'm judging this as a word processor. Companies like Apple and IBM had this shit on lock-down way back in 1978, and for a device like this to be so bad at it some 45 years later is just mind boggling.

3 Reasons why the DigiLand DL701Q Sucks

As some of you may already know, I have been the editor in chief at since I started it back in 2015. Since then, the tagline of the website has been "The Rage on News, Tech & Entertainment." When the website went on hiatus a few months ago, I seriously considered eliminating the entertainment portion of site altogether. To put it bluntly, Entertainment news is garbage.

1. It's fucking stupid.

There couldn't possibly be anything in the universe I could give less of a shit about than The fact that Jay Z and Beyonce dared to walk on a sidewalk in public wearing sunglasses, or the size of Kim Kardashian's left ass cheek. The fact that garbage like this in the news is a blight on human achievement, and an insult to human intelligence. The fact that shit like Selena Gomez's dress on the red carpet is a fucking relevant news story baffles me. I mean, it's not like Jennifer Garner's shoes are effecting gas prices, climate change, or unemployment rates, are they?

2. The people who read it are fucking stupid.
I know that this is going to piss a lot of my readers off, but if you subscribe to a publication that deals primarily in celebrity gossip, because you are genuinely interested in stories that you can gossip about to your friends, chances are, you are a piece of shit, and shows like TMZ were designed for garbage such as yourself.

3. There is barely anything worth talking about.
To put this in perspective, When journalists report on current relevant events related to crime or politics, there is a lot to cover, because even if the story revolves around an individual, the story is always going to be bigger than just one person. But when It's about Jennifer Garner's shoes and shit, there is barely enough of a story to cover a fucking headline most of the time. The obsession with the mundane behavior of fucking boring people who just so happened to be famous is mind boggling to me. I don't care what song these people sing, or what role they played in a movie: comparatively speaking, these people are just like anyone else.

There was a point when I just started writing the entertainment column for that I genuinely cringed at the thought of having to write about both Hillary Clinton and Kim Kardashian at the same time. I sat there at my laptop for a few hours trying to think of something interesting to say, before I just gave up and went on a tirade about how stupid the whole thing was.

The entertainment portion of primarily focuses on YouTube content creators now, because I don't have to bend over backwards trying to get material to write about. I barely have enough time to write as it is.

3 Reasons Why Entertainment News Sucks

I have been covering the hell out of the #WTFU (Where's the Fair Use) thing for a month of, and Gaming Wildlife finally finally parodied the YouTube Controversy. Spread the word about #WTFU.

Featured Video: If YouTube Were 100% Honest With Us... #WTFU

Blogger Logo

I decided to write this post in regards to a problem I've been trying to wrap my mind around for a year now.  As time consuming and all encompassing as blogging is, the process of staying active on my own websites is made all the more irritating when trying to balance blogging frequently with a full time job. I could probably manage to do it during a lunch break, but unfortunately, Android versions of the Blogger app suck balls.

Yes, it's not just the original blogger app on Google play, either; most of the aftermarket apps tend to lack even the most basic common sense features you would find in the dashboard of the website.

1. Can only add one picture.
This is the single stupidest god damn thing I have ever seen. You can only add one, you can't decide where it will be, what its orientation on the page will be, or any thing else. It gives you the option for either uploading from your phone or tablet or taking a photo with a camera, just in case that one mentally challenged extra terrestrial wanted to take a duck face photo to go with every poorly punctuated article, on its inevitably horrible looking blog that looks like it was designed using a template from Yahoo GeoCities back in 1998.

To make matters worse, it isn't integrated with Google Photos, so if you have a pic on another device, or the cloud, you're pretty much screwed.

2. It doesn't know how to highlight, italicize, or bold text.
These text formatting conventions were pioneered by softwares like Corel WordPerfect and Apple MacWrite way back in the mid to late 80's, and this app is such a piece of shit, it can't even compete with software that's over 30 years old. I didn't even talk about the lack of paragraph formatting, or the fact that you can't magnet link shit; all of which you can do easily in the browser.

3. it doesn't know what the fuck to do with a draft.
If I'm writing an article at work or on the go, and I want to save it as a draft so I can continue my work on a laptop or something, my draft is going to be stuck in my mobile device, meaning I either have to keep writing the article on my phone, or end up starting the fuck over. This defeats the entire purpose of a draft in the first place.

The blogger app has been available for android for a little over five years, and the developers have done precisely jack and shit to improve upon it. I ended up going through a few apps to substitute the official one until finally settling for Blogaway Pro. Kinda ridiculous that out of all the third party aftermarket apps for this platform, the worst one out of all of them is the one developed by the Google Devs.
Posted via Blogaway

3 Reasons Why the Blogger Android App Sucks.

A long time ago, I had written a rebuttal to a comment by an SJW on YouTube in regards to minorities and marginalized groups being "underrepresented" in popular fiction. To tell you the truth, whether it's Gays, Latinos, or Trans-mitochondrial space midgets, There are always people out there -who contribute nothing to the art- telling artists what they should contribute, and artists need to call them out on there bullshit. Here is why:

I come from the opposing viewpoint and I'd like to present what I feel is both a reasonable counter-argument, and a logical solution to the problems LGBTQs and minorities face when it comes to representation in a popular art-form. Please hear me out on this...

As a musician, and artist myself, I'd like you to see the argument you're representing through my perspective for just a moment:

Imagine you're a painter, and you're deeply enthralled in your work. This work represents your ideals and the height of your creative expression. You like what you're painting, but you don't want to spoil your work by stroking the canvas too much, or conveying too many ideas at once. Then suddenly; halfway through your work and at the height of your concentration; some asshole jumps up behind you and says: "Hey, put something heterosexual in there! I love your paintings, but my penis's sexual preferences don't feel properly represented in your artwork. I know your paintings represent your personal perspectives, but please change your outlook on life so that your artwork better represents my ideals instead of your own!"

Okay, so at this point you're probably saying to yourself: "but my argument specifically addressed minority groups being under-represented in popular works of fiction!" Okay, fair enough. Let's address this scenario a little differently:

Let's use the same example as before, only this time the random guy behind you says: "Hey, I don't think your painting has enough Social Darwinism in it! I love your paintings, but I feel my personal political preferences are underrepresented in your work! You should change it to better suit my personal preferences!" And then, some other asshole pops up next to you, and he's all like: "Yeah, and where's the Communism? You should change your personal expressions to better suit my belief systems! I am a Russian native from the 1940s trapped in an American teenager's body, born in 1998, And I feel trans-reincarnated individuals such as myself are underrepresented in this painting! CHANGE IT!!!" And just when you're thinking: My original idea doesn't have anything to do with this shit" , A Knight-Elf thing from World Of Warcraft pops up next to you and says: "Yeah, and what about the Mages? I am a Mage, and you're not properly depicting my lifestyle in your painting, God-dammit!!! You fucking SORCERRIST SCUM!!!"

Okay, you get where I'm going with this, right? It doesn't matter what kind of artist you are, you would be offended. You'd be thinking: "who the hell do these people think they are to tell me what I can and cannot express?" You see, Art; whether it be written, performed or illustrated; is the deepest form of personal expression there is. It is the same for every artist who isn't working on commission to convey the ideas of someone else. Artists personify who they are by what it is they create, whether it be characters in a book, or a song they write, and it is offensive to say the least to tell them to change who they are for a stranger, no matter how 'left out' that stranger feels.

No matter how popular a work of fiction becomes, It is not the obligation for the artist to change what they convey for the audience. Period. It is the height of hubris to suggest otherwise, regardless of the oppressive spin any identity politician puts on it. Minority groups are not the center of the universe, and are not entitled to special privileges or preferential treatment in anything; not even popular works of fiction. I will concede that there is a deficit of representation for the LGBTQ in popular fiction, but frankly, there is a very practical, and respectable solution to that problem: Write your own fiction. No one has the right to tell you what you can or cannot express in your own book, so you can write whatever the hell you want. You want more Queer people and Lesbians in your shows? Make your own show. You want armor in MMOs to look less like Slave Leiah in return of the Jedi? Make your own videogame.

"But that's easier said than done" you're probably saying to yourself, but you know what? Art isn't easy. It never was. You think this kinda shit is 'easy' for the writers of Legend of Korra or the creators of these video games? Hell no, because when an artist, engineer or inventor wants to make something, they don't sit around on the sidelines on message boards and social networks complaining that somebody else didn't make it for them; they did it themselves. THAT is the difference between A leader and a follower. That is the difference between a real Activist and a Social Justice Warrior. You have no right to complain about someone Else's work if you don't have the talent or skill to put in the work yourself.

Why Social Justice Warriors Need to Shut Up About Representation.

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