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Why Social Justice Warriors Need to Shut Up About Representation.

A long time ago, I had written a rebuttal to a comment by an SJW on YouTube in regards to minorities and marginalized groups being "underrepresented" in popular fiction. To tell you the truth, whether it's Gays, Latinos, or Trans-mitochondrial space midgets, There are always people out there -who contribute nothing to the art- telling artists what they should contribute, and artists need to call them out on there bullshit. Here is why:

I come from the opposing viewpoint and I'd like to present what I feel is both a reasonable counter-argument, and a logical solution to the problems LGBTQs and minorities face when it comes to representation in a popular art-form. Please hear me out on this...

As a musician, and artist myself, I'd like you to see the argument you're representing through my perspective for just a moment:

Imagine you're a painter, and you're deeply enthralled in your work. This work represents your ideals and the height of your creative expression. You like what you're painting, but you don't want to spoil your work by stroking the canvas too much, or conveying too many ideas at once. Then suddenly; halfway through your work and at the height of your concentration; some asshole jumps up behind you and says: "Hey, put something heterosexual in there! I love your paintings, but my penis's sexual preferences don't feel properly represented in your artwork. I know your paintings represent your personal perspectives, but please change your outlook on life so that your artwork better represents my ideals instead of your own!"

Okay, so at this point you're probably saying to yourself: "but my argument specifically addressed minority groups being under-represented in popular works of fiction!" Okay, fair enough. Let's address this scenario a little differently:

Let's use the same example as before, only this time the random guy behind you says: "Hey, I don't think your painting has enough Social Darwinism in it! I love your paintings, but I feel my personal political preferences are underrepresented in your work! You should change it to better suit my personal preferences!" And then, some other asshole pops up next to you, and he's all like: "Yeah, and where's the Communism? You should change your personal expressions to better suit my belief systems! I am a Russian native from the 1940s trapped in an American teenager's body, born in 1998, And I feel trans-reincarnated individuals such as myself are underrepresented in this painting! CHANGE IT!!!" And just when you're thinking: My original idea doesn't have anything to do with this shit" , A Knight-Elf thing from World Of Warcraft pops up next to you and says: "Yeah, and what about the Mages? I am a Mage, and you're not properly depicting my lifestyle in your painting, God-dammit!!! You fucking SORCERRIST SCUM!!!"

Okay, you get where I'm going with this, right? It doesn't matter what kind of artist you are, you would be offended. You'd be thinking: "who the hell do these people think they are to tell me what I can and cannot express?" You see, Art; whether it be written, performed or illustrated; is the deepest form of personal expression there is. It is the same for every artist who isn't working on commission to convey the ideas of someone else. Artists personify who they are by what it is they create, whether it be characters in a book, or a song they write, and it is offensive to say the least to tell them to change who they are for a stranger, no matter how 'left out' that stranger feels.

No matter how popular a work of fiction becomes, It is not the obligation for the artist to change what they convey for the audience. Period. It is the height of hubris to suggest otherwise, regardless of the oppressive spin any identity politician puts on it. Minority groups are not the center of the universe, and are not entitled to special privileges or preferential treatment in anything; not even popular works of fiction. I will concede that there is a deficit of representation for the LGBTQ in popular fiction, but frankly, there is a very practical, and respectable solution to that problem: Write your own fiction. No one has the right to tell you what you can or cannot express in your own book, so you can write whatever the hell you want. You want more Queer people and Lesbians in your shows? Make your own show. You want armor in MMOs to look less like Slave Leiah in return of the Jedi? Make your own videogame.

"But that's easier said than done" you're probably saying to yourself, but you know what? Art isn't easy. It never was. You think this kinda shit is 'easy' for the writers of Legend of Korra or the creators of these video games? Hell no, because when an artist, engineer or inventor wants to make something, they don't sit around on the sidelines on message boards and social networks complaining that somebody else didn't make it for them; they did it themselves. THAT is the difference between A leader and a follower. That is the difference between a real Activist and a Social Justice Warrior. You have no right to complain about someone Else's work if you don't have the talent or skill to put in the work yourself.
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  1. I hate "social justice warriors"!! they pretend to speak out for minorities but in fact they are just a group of rich,white,spoiled obnoxious children! what they really need a good sting to the face. I'm of Latino decent myself I don't need them to "represent" me! because they don't speak for me. i swear if one of those SJWS jerks comes up to harass me ill smash their faces male or female im in no mood for these worthless pieces of shit who don't amount to anything than being troublemakers vandalizing and destroying peoples property all in the name of "social justice"

  2. "Social justice warriors" are nothing more than bums,leeches,losers,
    and parasites that live off other peoples labor!