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People Getting Offended by a Shirt Again (Old Navy Edition)

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Over the past week, people have been getting triggered as hell over a fathers day T-shirt from the summer Old Navy collection. The graphical T of doom and oppression is embroiled with a set of words that say "It's Father's Day" at first glance, but upon closer inspection, also reads "it's really her day".

I gotta be honest here. As a man, having recognized how disproportionately women are favored in the family unit for the most part, and how fathers are almost always screwed in family court, I understand why this would piss people off. Just last year, an Angel Soft ad got a huge swarm of negativity after it very clearly dismisses fathers with their "Happy Father's day, Mom" ad hit YouTube. It would be easy to see how people can connect the dots and see a clear hostility in the mainstream media toward Fathers.

As a man, I can understand why this would be offensive, but the comedian in me won't allow me to get offended by it. Unlike the bullshit Angel Soft ad from last year, this very clearly looks like some satire. Sure, the Joke is kinda lame and doesn't really work, but not because it's offensive; it's because it really isn't funny enough to get away with it.

Part of me has to wonder how much of this outrage is just people looking for any excuse imaginable to get offended by something. My generation has been chomping at the bit to claim some sort of oppressed minority status ever since we started entering a college environment. It's gotten so bad that literally saying hello to a woman is considered fucking rape culture.

There are a lot more legitimately offensive things out there than someone's fucking shirt.
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