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The Fall of the X-men: Marvel's Narritive Train-Wreck

So if sacrificing good storytelling in favor of fringe-left political propaganda wasn't bad enough, there are rumors of Marvel killing off the X-men franchise purely to spite FOX, who currently own the movie rights to the franchise.

In Peviews of the upcoming Extraordinary X-Men, it is revealed that a purified form of the terragen Myst, (the thing that activates the powers of the Inhumans) is weponized in the form of a bomb, and is lethal to Mutants. This story, as well as many X-Men being left out of promotional materials lately, suggests to readers that any characters still owned by FOX; including the Fantastic Four; will be annexed from the Marvel Comics landscape soon.

Why the X-Men comics are like driving by a car-accident.

Right now, there are 3 entirely different X-Men comics following 3 different teams, with three different goals. The Uncanny X-men, who's whole thing is to build a school in a parallel dimension full of demons n' shit in order to avoid terragen poisoning, The Extraordinary X-Men, lead by Magneto, who are basically just the X-Force without Cyclops.

Now, the real clusterfuck here, is the All-New X-Men; lead by a teenage Cyclops from the past, consisting of members like Old Man Logan (Old Wolverine) from the future, Gene Gray from the past before SHE died, and Genesis, who is a child version of Apokalipse from an alternate Timeline.

Now, if having three different X-Men books that don't follow the same plot line isn't confusing enough, most of these books revolve around, and often reference, the death of Cyclops. We find out in the first issue of the All-New X-Men that a mutant cult known as the ghosts of Cyclops is going around acting like the Brotherhood of evil Mutants. Now the obvious question here, is how did Cyclops even Die? Wasn't he in prison? Well guess what? we have to wait until fucking October to find out how he dies, even though this was a foregone conclusion for six months already! There have been extensive stories and plot-lines revolving around this character long after he died, Including Mr. Sinister re-animating his fucking corpse into a mutant-inhuman hybrid zombie, yet it's been over six months and we still don’t have a clue how it happened!?!

How this reflects upon Marvel's quality of storytelling.

This, to me, just proves the points I've been making for months now. Marvel's stories are a shit-storm because stories aren't motivated by character development or a passion for telling a good story: They're motivated by corporate maneuvering and fringe-left political propaganda.

I have been a Marvel comics fan for years. I have always chosen marvel over DC on the book shelves since I was 8 years old, because their stories were compelling and inspiring back then. But times have changed, and so has Marvel Comics. The Civil War going on right now is more of a footnote than an actual event, established characters are being thrown to the wind and replaced by uninteresting hacks, and the X-Men comics are starting to look like the Maximum Clonage saga.

I am no longer interested in Marvel's books, because Marvel's books have clearly lost interest in themselves.
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  1. I hereby issue a challenge to every SJW-infected comics writer currently in the industry:

    You pick any 5 characters you want to write a story with, and also pick 5 more for characters about whom I will write a story. We both use the same artist.

    No matter what characters you pick for yourself and for me, I will write a better story than you. I don't mean a marginally better story, I mean a story so much better than your drek that Your mother will publicly announce her embarrassment.

    The two comics will be released simultaneously without either of our names on them. The readers vote for best story.

    I'll be waiting, shitlords...