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At some point during the Diamond Retail summit, Marvel announced that the RessurXion event will immediately follow the Death of X and Inhumans vs. X-MEN events, and would take place after the war between the inhumans and mutants.

Let me just start by saying RessurXion sounds like the screen name of a thirteen year-old boy on DeviantArt. I would love to know how that namedrop went down at the committee, between members of the board passing around bongs the size of elephant cocks and shooting up heroine on the boardroom table. I mean, no wonder Marvel's stories are such garbage these days. Whoever came up with a name like RessurXion must've been higher than Christ on the third day. Jesus Christ.

Second, I'd like to point out how much of a cop-out this is. Marvel has been getting a lot of flack lately for allegedly killing off the X-MEN franchise for the sole purpose of spiting Fox for not letting the MCU buy the film rights to their franchise back, so it's not hard to see that this is Marvels way of saying "oh, we're not getting rid of the X-MEN, we're just changing it a little."

Kinda like how they backtracked on Steve Rogers (captain America) being a secret Hydra Agent for 90 years, even after punching both red skull and Hitler in the face. Now, after months of insisting it isn't mind control, we learn in Steve's own book that the red skull implanted a piece of Xavier's brain into his head in order to make himself the most powerful telepath on earth, and implanted a false history into Steve's mind making him think he was a Hydra agent since the 1920s.

Also like how Marvel backtracked on Riri Williams; a teenage girl; being Iron Man from now on, despite how stupid the name would be for a sixteen year-old girl. Now her name, and book series will be called Iron Heart, which is the kind of name you would give to a stone-blooded serial killer. 

Classic case of Marvel running damage control. Let's hope one day, instead of trying to correct the problem after they already created it, they will learn not to publish something dumb in the first place.

What the Hell is Marvel's RessurXion?

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